Where do you live?

What is your gender?

Was this your first time at the BC festival?

What is your backcountry experience?

What is your main backcountry activity?

My winter snow experience is mostly:

What did you like about the festival?

Is there any specific feedback about the things that you liked that you would like to add?

What didn't you like? What would you like to see done differently next year?

Would you like to suggest a speaker for the speakers program?

Would you like the festival to be a 3 day event? (eg fri - sun)

Would you like there to be a ski in campsite as part of the festival?

How did you find out about the festival?

This year we charged a minimal fee to register ($10/ person/ for the weekend). What rego fee should we charge in 2020?

Would you like to be involved in organising next year’s festival (if so, pls include contact details, postcode, and areas of interest)

Do you have any other feedback you would like to share?